Cốm (young green rice) – a gift of Autumn – is by far the quintessential snack food of Hanoian. Hanoian love eating young green rice little by little together with ripe banana while enjoy drinking tea.  Eat slowly to feel subtle scent, tenderness and delicate flavor of com.  Com is also used to make other fancy dishes such as fried shirmp in young rice, stir-fried com, sweetened young rice soup,  fried chopped meat with young rice, etc..


  • 600 gram pork meat, finely chopped
  • 300 gram com
  • Seasonings: salt (or fish sauce instead), cooking oil


  • In a medium bowl, mix chopped meat with salt, then add com and mix again
  • Divide into small balls
  • Heat the pan over medium temperature, add cooking oil and fry meat balls until golden


If com is hard, exposure com into air for several minute, and add some water to make it tender before cooking.


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